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The ideal sports underwear with a tough edge

Guts&Glory Underwear develops sports underwear especially for women. No more irritating edges, discomfort when your underwear shifts or irritated skin. With Guts&Glory Underwear you feel strong and feminine and you can perform optimally! Meet your new favourite sports underwear with a tough edge.  

"While exercising, I often noticed that my underwear was not comfortable. I have tried various styles of underwear, made of various fabrics. Irritating edges, folding and shifting fabric, are the inconveniences that regularly distracted me during my sport. For a long time I've been searching for the ideal sports underwear, but I discovered that the underwear I was looking for could not be found. That's how the story of Guts&Glory Underwear began. With Guts&Glory Underwear, I want every woman to fully enjoy her sport by giving her confidence, comfort and femininity in a functional design."
- Britta, founder of Guts&Glory Underwear


Actions and news

Happy first birthday to us!

This month of February is a celebration! Because it's G&G's birthday month. On 28/02/2023, Guts&Glory Underwear will have been on the market for exactly 1 year! And birthday treats, so throughout February you will receive 10% discount on your order with the code...

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3-pack = discount!

Shop a 3-pack now and benefit from fine discounts! Choose your favourite model, thongs or boxer shorts, and get your sports underwear in three great styles. Tough black, classy olive green and the sporty zebra print at a bargain price!

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Guts&Glory Underwear

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