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About us

Guts&Glory Underwear is a Dutch company founded by Britta de Waal. Britta is a sporty young woman with a lot of energy and passion for equestrian sports and fitness. Britta wants all women to give themselves the very best and take on all of life's adventures with self-confidence and self-love. 

"I, Britta, want every woman (but really everyone) to take good care of herself and embrace her body. There was a time when I only looked at myself critically in the mirror, or rather avoided my reflection. Back then, I was also physically afraid to step out of my comfort zone; I avoided adventures and literally moved small. That lies in the past now. 

I'm greatful for my body, for being healthy and taking me everywhere I want to be. I take good care of myself by sleeping well, eating tasty and healthy food, doing fun things and exercising. I try new things, push my limits and feel over and over that my body can do more! And do you know when I feel the strongest and really enjoy my possibilities? When I choose underwear that protects me and makes me feel beautiful in all the (sports) adventures that I come across. Guts&Glory Underwear gives me the opportunity to move freely without discomfort and that brings out my sparkle. You don't have to settle for anything less than the best. Be kind to yourself and give your body all the comfort it deserves. You are worth taking good care of and to live all adventures that life brings you. 

I am convinced that good (sports) underwear in which you feel confident and comfortable contributes to your self-confidence in your sport, and in fact in all challenges of life. I feel good by wearing beautiful and functional underwear and I wish you the same." - Britta, founder of Guts&Glory Underwear


Guts&Glory Underwear's underwear is produced in Portugal. We have chosen great Portuguese cooperation partners who consider product quality and working conditions as important as we do.

Another fun fact about us: All models featured in Guts&Glory Underwear photos and videos are not professional models, but real women with real sports stories. All these ladies are tough and pure, and fit the identity of Guts&Glory Underwear. We are proud of that!



Guts&Glory Underwear

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