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As I write this, I feel a bit uncomfortable. I've decided to start sharing blogs on our webshop, because I feel that G&G is much more than just your favourite underwear. In these blogs, I want to share with you about lifestyle, motivation, self-love and adventures that life brings. Also, stories about the journey of Guts&Glory and the adventures I come across as an entrepreneur. The discomfort I feel at this moment could be a very recognisable theme for some: I feel discomfort when I'm visible, when I have to show my face out there. This has been challenging very often in the past year, because you have to show yourself if you want to launch a new brand successfully! But more about that later....

What a year it was! The year in which G&G became a real visible brand. I've learned incredibly much this year. This already started in the two years before launching, when I was already working on G&G. But with no background in fashion, marketing, sales or entrepreneurship at all, last year was a big rollercoaster.

I want to use this first blog to give you an insight into, for me, one of the most exciting days of the past year. The two months before and after the launch, and in particular the shoot day (photo/video) were the most special period of time for me. Shooting the campaign video, branding and product photography. I had no clue how we had to do it and neither did the models (most of them are dear friends of mine) 😉. We've prepared everything to perfection with the photo/videographer and than everything got cancelled due to COVID. Which meant we had to postpone the entire shoot day for a month. With that, the launch was delayed. And if there's something I'm REALLY good at now, it's keep going forward when everything is against me. Feel down for 15 minutes, then look ahead and do whatever you can. Finally the shooting day could go ahead, I didn't sleep the night before. The (lead) model we were supposed to take the product photos with for the webshop cancelled and I asked a friend if she would do it. She turned out to be a superstar and rocked the day as a model even though she had never done this before!!! On this day everything went differently than we expected, but we did what we could.
I felt so proud this day. It was the first time I saw all the underwear on different women's bodies and I was so relieved that the sizing was right and that it looked fantastic on everyone. And those girls... In the middle of winter, they stood there with red noses from the cold in their (almost) bare bottoms. They were laughing, didn't complain and they had the energy of 'go for it'. Then I realised, this is why I asked the girls from my own social network to do this. They showed that they are brave and their purity suits what I want to convey with Guts&Glory Underwear. Another dear friend provided tea/coffee/food all day in the forest and at the location where we were working. In the evening, two big pans filled with pasta were on the cooker at my house and everyone stayed for dinner. The shoot day was an adventure, I can't wait to be able to do another shoot day when we launch new colours....

Love, Britta
Founder of Guts&Glory Underwear


Guts&Glory Underwear

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