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Free shipping within the Netherlands on orders from 40 euros. Always dispatched within 2 working days!

... was founded by Britta de Waal. A sporty young woman with lots of energy and passion for horse riding and fitness. 

"While exercising, I often noticed that my underwear was not comfortable. Various models of briefs of different fabrics I tried. Chafing edges, creases in the fabric, shifting of your underwear, are the inconveniences that regularly distracted me during my sports. When I searched again for the ideal sports underwear, I discovered that the underwear I was looking for could not be found. Thus began the story of Guts&Glory! If I suffer from these discomforts, I am sure there are many women with me who also experience this. With Guts&Glory, I want every woman to be able to fully enjoy her sport by giving her confidence, comfort and femininity in a functional design."


Guts&Glory Underwear

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