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Free shipping within the Netherlands for orders over 40 euros. Always shipped within 2 business days!

"Truly the best thong ever! Did a great job all day!"

"My favorite! Doesn't shift during exercise, wonderful."

"I wear them during horseback riding, sports at the gym, but also during the day when I just have to work. For me, nothing else!"

"I already have four and wear them while horseback riding, they're great! Super comfortable and the quality is amazing! Very soft and no chafing edges or seams. Highly recommended!"

Sport boxer shorts ladies – Warrior

Sport boxer shorts ladies

The Guts&Glory Underwear sports boxer shorts ladies is the boxer shorts you’ve been looking for!
The boxer shorts, designed for sports, from Guts&Glory Underwear will be your new favorite sports underwear due to the following features: The moisture-absorbing fabric, which feels wonderfully soft, cool and breathable, ensures a pleasantly dry feeling during intense exercise. The wide elastic waistband gives you the ultimate comfort. The stitched crotch on the inside of the boxer shorts, made of hypoallergenic bamboo, provides hygiene and optimal protection for your most vulnerable area. The ideal fit keeps your boxer shorts in the right place and makes sure your underwear won’t shift while moving. The flat seam of the Guts&Glory Underwear boxer shorts provides the right finishing touch that ensures you that no lines will show under your favorite sportswear and that the edges won’t roll up.

Style boxer shorts

Every woman has her preference for the style/fit of underwear she prefers to wear while practicing her favorite sport. The Guts&Glory Underwear sports boxer short ladies is for all women who like to wear a little more covering underwear, or who want extra protection and comfort, for example in a sport such as horseback riding. After all, your body deserves the very best!

Which style suits you?

For our first collection, we used the color “Burnt Olive” as a base, a beautiful shade of olive green. A feminine and chic, but definitely bold color, which many women will fall for. The glitter in the elastic waistband gives you that extra sparkle! Feminine and classy solid green, stylish black or the sporty and cool zebra print? The women’s sports boxer short by Guts&Glory Underwear is available in sizes S, M, L and XL.

Guts&Glory Underwear stands for confidence, comfort, functionality and femininity. We believe that the features of our sports underwear do justice to these pillars. Guts&Glory Underwear gives you the ideal sports underwear with a bold edge!

Washing advice

To enjoy your boxer shorts to the fullest even after many washings, we recommend washing the Guts&Glory Underwear sports boxer shorts ladies at 30 degrees Celsius, preferably in a laundry bag, and without other garments with Velcro or zippers.

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