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Free shipping within the Netherlands for orders over 40 euros. Always shipped within 2 business days!

Because Guts&Glory Underwear means much more to me than just your favorite sports underwear, I’d like to share with you more about themes that fit with G&G and that you and I can relate to. In this blog, I share with you about my experience of doing things differently, making different choices, walking the untrodden path. In my previous blog I mentioned it, “sticking your head above the field” is something I find difficult. And I think many people with me. It sometimes feels like we are programmed in our society to live risk-free, to choose comfortable and familiar rather than adventure and the unknown.

Two years ago, I finished my studies in Psychomotor Therapy and Sport & Exercise Education. I already knew that I was going to launch Guts&Glory Underwear, but also that this could not yet provide me with an income right away. I was tangled up in how I would like to shape my work life. Because a question that really goes with that for me is: how do I want to live? In any case, I knew for sure that I didn’t want to only live to work. I want to be outside a lot, spend conscious and relaxed time with my animals and loved ones and I want to feel free. I can feel free when I work very hard, but then I want to work on my own terms, in a way that suits how I want to live.

This feeling was so deep within me that after struggling for a while I decided to deviate from (in my experience) the beaten path. On Jan. 1, 2022, I started as an independent psychomotor therapist in mental health care as a 23-year-old and a few months later I launched G&G. I decided to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and all the uncertain things of entrepreneurship. Because I feel this way of work fits with how I want to live. And feeling that I am living the life I WANT to live is most important to me. And you know what’s so nice? Since making this choice, I have suffered much less from fear of failure than during my childhood and college years. I think it is because I now feel the space to choose what suits me and I feel that I have surrounded myself (work and private) with people who let me be free to walk my own uncharted path.

Part of my untrodden path also includes being insecure some days, especially when I am tired. “Can I do this?”, but I know I can. On days like this I sometimes give in to my insecurity and hide away for a day, try again tomorrow. Other times, I’ll push myself to do what I can, create a nice atmosphere and energy around me, and get to work on the things I’m up against. And fair enough, that untrodden path does require a good dose of discipline and motivation, daring to trust that fire you feel within yourself and being comfortable with the uncomfortable.

I hope there is one person who reads this and feels this blog is an encouragement and call to action to do what you dream of. To make a different choice when you feel you have to, and you can let go of your thoughts about the expectations of society or people around you. If you feel this, you may also feel that you must have guts to live your dream life. Go for it!


Love Britta
Founder of Guts&Glory Underwear


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